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Jequel painting with a knife technique

Painting with a knife, according to a totally individual technique that I created, sets out to express with the stroke of a knife the form, content and all which is linked to this - that is to say shade, light, nuances etc…

All of which is in the sense of movement and without preliminary sketches.

Christian JEQUEL

peintre du mouvement



Painting movement

The opposite of the image or the instantaneous attitude appears frozen for eternity, to paint movement is to paint a slice of life; that is to say to try to express what has just happened and what is going to happen.

Christian JEQUEL

peintre de la lumière



Painting Light

The luminosity of a painting comes, essentially, from the relationship that the colours have with one another. These colours, almost inexistent in reality, express perfectly to the viewer a sense of authenticity.

In order to get closer to what one wishes to express, it is necessary to do so by other means than the exact copy.

Christian JEQUEL

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